Welcome to Tarot. We are your Millennial trend readers.

We’re Millennials. Underemployed, entitled, iPhone addicted, energy drink swilling, and suffering from brand ADHD… But we’re the future, and we’re your brand’s future. And if you don’t understand us, we are going to leave you behind.

We know Millennials because we are Millennials. We live the lifestyle we report on. Millennials are the trends we engage with, often defining ourselves more by our “Likes” than our familial backgrounds.  Sure, that’s strange—to you. And that’s what we’re here for—to help you understand and connect with us. Whether it’s through custom reports, consulting, trend explorations, or ethnographic studies, Tarot will help you be part of the future.


We believe that no two brands are the same. That’s why we don’t offer syndicated written reports, but instead offer multiple services that contextualize Millennial trends specifically for your brand. Sometimes we even make you set down the office coffee, get up from behind your desk, and venture into their world.


As you develop new marketing, products, or innovate within the brand, our experts offer a generational and trend expertise. Whether it’s a quick call, a review of third party work, or in-person brainstorm, Tarot provides you with a Millennial point of view.


We also offer personal trend reports customized to your brand’s needs. A yearly subscription includes quarterly reports and presentations featuring curated and contextualized trends.


Employing both traditional, innovative and customizable research techniques, we help brands understand the world (and their products) from the consumer eyes. Whether it’s a traditional ethnographic study, focus groups, or a customized quantitative study, we help you get into Millennials’ heads. We also offer brand aura readings that allow you to understand the emotions behind the “Likes.” Utilizing our specially developed social-listening research methods, Tarot can do a deep dive into your brand’s social media presence and provide real solutions for Millennial realignment.


Trend Explorations enable your team to meet the Millennial innovators they are trying to connect with, and experience the trends they are trying to leverage, on the ground, in the real world.


We also offer customized Innovation Retreats tailored specifically to individual brand’s needs to help a team approach a specific issue, trend or to enhance your brand’s internal creative pathways.  Unlike other public trend sessions, insights and innovations remain secure within the brand team.


Clients can tap into our network of hand-picked Millennial trendsetters at the forefront of their fields, ranging from graphic design, music, blogging, to app development.


They can serve as:

  1. Brand connectors
  2. Advisers
  3. Talent
  4. Research subjects and advisers
  5. Activators of marketing campaigns.